Tabala Jali

Bio: I am a self-taught visual artist utilizing unorthodox and experimental approaches in the creation of my work. Whether if I am painting an abstract piece or combining my abstract pieces with photographs and digital media, my work is a journey into possibility. And due to the fact that I have had no formal training, I have never been told what is and what isn’t possible. I don’t work from sketches as much as I work from ruminations, theories, and paradigms. Research plays a huge part in my conceptualization as well as in my execution, and it is second only to my intuition. Working in both Analog and Digital allows me to expand the possible, not only for the art, or myself the artist; but the observer as well. As much as I am influenced by artists the like of Jack Whitten, Gerhard Richter, Alessandro Bavari; and David Ho, I am also heavily influenced by the interests of my past, Asian Martial Arts and Philosophies, Hip-Hop Culture, graffiti included, Comic Books and Punk Rock. You can see these influences through out my work, be it analog or digital. I truly believe that anything is possible, because art makes it so.

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